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  • Elena Tucker

    Elena Tucker

    Writer and storyteller, immigrant, wife, mom, knitter, collector of jokes, lover of cheap, sweet wine.

  • Scott Monte

    Scott Monte

  • Graeme Carey

    Graeme Carey

    Humor writer. Funny words in Slackjaw, McSweeney’s, Points in Case, The Offing, Robot Butt, and Weekly Humorist.

  • Julis Rei

    Julis Rei

    humor writer from Guam

  • Joanna McNaney Stein

    Joanna McNaney Stein

    writer/mama/anxious chatterbox/gay Twitter and Instagram @joannafolk www.Joanna-Stein.com

  • Double Warhol

    Double Warhol

    Writer, painter, musician. Global mindset, local insanity. Published in underthemoon collective. Song “Last Dance Alone” on Spotify. Instagram at doublewarhol.

  • Ryan Zaharako

    Ryan Zaharako

    U.S. Marine (1995–1999) | U of Texas graduate | Clio Key Art Award-winning copywriter | Top writer in Satire, Humor, Government, & Politics | Dog lover w/ husky

  • Malik Saud

    Malik Saud

    Art master. CEO of the world :)

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